IMPORTANT: If you feel you are in immediate danger and do not feel safe staying in your home, we suggest First Step as a place of refuge. They can provide a place to stay, and help you and your loved ones through this difficult time. Once you have removed yourself from the immediate danger, they can assist you toward gaining the long-term safeguard of a protective order through our office. To learn more about this organization visit or call (940)723-7799.

The Texas Legislature created the protective order system to protect victims of family violence. In recent years they have expanded that protection from traditional domestic violence by members of the same family to include people in the household, those in a dating relationship, and victims of sexual assault. If a protective order is disobeyed, the respondent will be arrested and criminal charges will be filed against that person.

The District Attorney’s Office has put together a form that you can download and print off. It contains all the necessary information and forms you will need to fill out. If you fill then form out prior to coming to the DA’s office it will save you precious time. Click the link below for the form:

Protective Order Application Packet