Executive Secretary/ Court Coordinator: Morgan Ezzell

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Wichita Falls, TX 76301
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Duties and Responsibilities of the County Judge

The Texas Constitution vests broad judicial and administrative powers in the position of county judge, who presides over a five-member commissioners court, which has budgetary and administrative authority over county government operations. The county judge handles such widely varying matters as hearings for beer and wine license applications, hearing on admittance to state hospitals for the mentally ill and mentally retarded and temporary guardianships for special purposes.

The judge is also responsible for calling elections, posting election notices and for receiving and canvassing the election returns. The county judge may perform marriages. A county judge in Texas may have judicial responsibility for certain criminal, civil and probate matters – responsibility for these functions vary from county to county. In those counties in which the judge has judicial responsibilities, the judge has appellate jurisdiction over matters arising from the justice courts. The county judge is also head of civil defense and disaster relief, county welfare and in counties under 225,000 population, the judge prepares the county budget along with the county auditor or county clerk.

Additional Duties

  • Vice-Chairman of the Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Member of Sheppard Air Force Base Community Relations Committee
  • Member Sheppard Military Affairs Committee
  • Supervising court member for
    • Human Relations Director
    • Chief, Public Defender
    • Law Librarian
    • County Veterans Service Officer
    • Switchboard Operator
    • Human Resources Director
    • Information Systems Director
    • Records Management Officer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Member, Chief Elected Officials Board for NORTEX Regional Planning Commission


Van Dotson
Chief of Staff
Nancy Gregory
Commissioner's Court Administrator
Morgan Ezzell
Executive Secretary/ Court Coordinator
Debbie Hankins
Commissioners Court Assistant